The Deplasse & Associés office took root in Belgium under the impetus of Philippe Deplasse with the aim of optimizing special techniques for existing buildings. In 2013, the arrival of Gaëtan Durvaux in charge of the commercial management of the company constitutes the beginnings of an integrated approach in the service of environmental transition. The acquisition of Deplasse by Gaëtan Durvaux, Stéphane Barbier and Thomas Deville in 2019 will accentuate this integrated approach and extend it internationally. In 2022, the arrival of Sébastien Yasse in the shareholder structure is intended to integrate in a sustainable manner the strategic issues related to environmental transition.


During the year 2022, the A+ Concept and Deplasse & Associés design offices were able, through various collaborations, to observe their common DNA in terms of sustainability, the transversality of their global approach and the desire to have an impact in their businesses. Following this merger at the end of 2022, Deplasse & Associés took a majority stake in the shareholding of A+ Concept in order to strengthen the impact of the 2 structures thanks to their respective complementarities.  


Entry into the shareholding of Sébastien Yasse, after 2 years of fruitful collaboration as Business Unit Manager of activities related to strategic consulting. Its arrival in the shareholder structure reinforces the essential link between strategy and technique in order to be able to offer concrete and operational responses to the various sectors of activity in the face of the challenges of global warming.


Sale of the company via a Management Buy Out to Gaëtan Durvaux, Stéphane Barbier and Thomas Deville. As the founder of Deplasse & Associés, and with more than 30 years of experience, Philippe Deplasse continues to pass on his expertise and his passion.


Move to Chaussée de la Hulpe in Brussels and creation of a technical co-working space to bring together different skills related to buildings.


Creation of a structural partnership between Deplasse and Follow & Optimize, a company specializing in the acquisition and processing of consumption data in buildings


Arrival of Stéphane Barbier and Thomas Deville, in charge of energy-related activities in buildings, to strengthen the link between technical management of buildings and rational use of energy


Delegation of the commercial management of the company to Gaëtan Durvaux by the manager Philippe Deplasse and progressive orientation of the activity towards a more integrated vision of services


Intensification of activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and creation of the Luxembourg subsidiary Deplasse Counselors SA.


Creation of the Bureau d'Experts Ph. Deplasse et Associés, born from the continuation by Philippe Deplasse of the activities of the office of the expert R. Cherpion. In addition to technical expertise and assistance to project owners, the office also carries out maintenance checks on existing buildings as well as engineering projects.