Office buildings are like a second home for their tenants and occupants. This is why they currently have to transform very quickly to meet market expectations: entertainment, relaxation areas, "new way of work", catering services, energy efficiency, Smart building, BREEAM, etc. Property managers are therefore constantly challenged to provide a high level of service while maintaining loads under pressure. With a high and obsolete inventory of available desks, asset managers have to do develop their buildings if they want to generate returns and stand out from the competition. The location of office buildings is no longer enough.

In this ecosystem, we support the owner and the asset manager in the planning their projects (technical due diligence, investment plans, BREEAM, etc.) so that their building offers the added value necessary at the best value for money. We also accompany them in the space planning and theadaptation of special techniques resulting. We support the property manager in his daily management so that he obtains the best occupant satisfaction all in limiting the charges.

the maintenance control is the recurring element making it possible to avoid drifts in comfort and consumption while guaranteeing a high level of service from the maintenance company. We also offer remote energy monitoring, of the comfort audits, of the energy audits, of the technical expertise as well as writing maintenance contracts to reopen the operator's contract to competition.