School buildings are rarely good performers when it comes to energy efficiency. Logically, decision-makers in the sector are concentrating their investments on their main profession, which is education.

Well-chosen investments, however, allow very rapid savings both in terms of maintenance and in terms of fuel consumption and therefore polluting emissions. The problems encountered are mainly related to heating, the presence of asbestos or sound management of the maintenance of technical installations.

Our office offers a complete expertise to support technical managers in their energy reflection and in the implementation of action plans.

Our action may in particular take the form of: PLAGE support, an energy audit (primary), boiler room renovation studies, renewable energy integration studies (photovoltaic, cogeneration, biomass), but also an energy performance contract (with or without third party investor).

We were thus able to support: UCL, ULB, VUB, ULiège, the municipality of Schaerbeek, the City of Brussels, ASBL CRAIE, etc.